Geoff Pado

Why I Didn't Do WWDC Parties This Year

I’ve been avoiding writing this post because I wanted to leave open the possibility of coming back and actually building a WWDC Parties 2017. However, at this point, most of the major events are already announced and sold out, so it seems a bit pointless to do so. As such, I wanted to write a bit of an explanation/apology to anyone waiting for this year’s website.

ClojureScript & React Native

I’ve mentioned a like of ClojureScript on this blog before, but in the few years since writing that post, I’ve mostly worked with its older brother, Clojure. The kinds of projects I’ve done in the interim just didn’t lend themselves to ClojureScript.

Scrawl 1.0

Last Monday saw the release of my first independent app in over five years. Scrawl is an extremely simple app to store quick, temporary notes. These are notes that you don’t want to keep around forever, and which probably won’t even make sense shortly after they’re written—parking spots, pizza orders, one-off phone numbers, etc.

Recording iOS Simulator Video

At the latest meeting of the Redmond Xcoders, there was a talk by Lori Hill about creating App Preview videos. During the Q&A period after her talk, questions were raised about recording such a video from the iOS Simulator rather than an actual device.

Your App’s Other UI

Every iOS app has two user interfaces. These interfaces are equally important in delivering a quality product. Ignoring one for the sake of the other can lead to a horrible experience for many of your users. However, from tooling all the way through to testing, one of these interfaces is largely seen as second-class and mostly ignored.